The Ultimate Guide to Laureles in Medellin Colombia

The Ultimate Guide to Laureles in Medellin Colombia

Laureles is my favorite barrio (neighborhood) in Medellin, Colombia, and one that I would whole heartedly recommend to both tourists and those considering living in Medellin. Laureles in Medellin has become my home away from home… The most popular and well known neighborhood in Medellin is Poblado, this has traditionally been the place where the well to do live and …

3 Cordilleras Brewery in Medellin, Colombia

Being from Seattle, you can’t walk two blocks without stumbling across good coffee and good beer. Unfortunately, good beer can be hard to find in Colombia. It’s a little easier to find good coffee here (though still not that common, since it is mostly for export). Normally the beer here is of the cheap watered down variety. You know, Budweiser, …

Camping at a Trout Farm in Jardin

A brief weekend excursion to the Antioquian pueblo of Jardin, Colombia located near the coffee region where we had the unique experience of camping on a trout farm and got to enjoy the quiet pueblo life.

Hacienda Napoles

Hacienda Napoles and the Cocaine Hippos of Pablo Escobar

Part II from our camping trip to Rio Claro: a visit to Hacienda Napoles, the former estate of Pablo Escobar, turned theme park, safari, and water park, and a glimpse into Colombia’s dark past… Including the legacy he has left behind.