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Desk to Dirtbag is an adventure travel blog dedicated to inspiring armchair adventurers and weekend warriors to get outside, break away from the 9-5, and pursue life on their own terms.

I do my best to show that any old Average Joe has the means and ability to undertake a life changing journey and adventure. You don’t have to be the son of a wealthy business tycoon to get out there, hit the road and travel.

It has more to do with re-aligning your priorities, putting the gears in motion, and committing to doing it.

P.S. For those of you not familiar with climber vernacular, a dirtbag is someone who takes things to the extreme and forgoes the traditional comforts of life (a home, family, job, etc) to pursue their passions (climbing, travel, and the great outdoors) and desired way of life 100%.

Work With Me

I welcome relevant businesses, organizations, and fellow bloggers as sponsors, advertisers, or affiliates.

I am available for sponsored press trips and travel, detailed gear reviews and product testing, sponsored blog posts, paid advertising opportunities, guest blog posts for your website, freelance content writing and more.

You can be sure that your that the content I create will be thorough, engaging, honest, and include beautiful photos and media–served to an engaged audience that loves travel, adventure, getting off the beaten trail, and trusts my recommendations.

Desk to Dirtbag has been featured in both traditional print media from Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine, to various online publications, including Climbing Magazine.

Throughout my travels I have worked with prominent brands like REI,, La Sportiva, Icebreaker, ENO Hammocks, and others. I have worked with luxury hotels in Miami and little B&Bs in Fairbanks, Alaska.

My story has been featured on numerous podcasts, and my book Big Travel, Small Budget has received thousands of purchases and more than 120 reviews on

My MLD TrailStar in Coyote Gulch

By the Numbers

  • 25,000+ unique monthly visitors
  • 42,000+ pageviews per month
  • 5,600+ Facebook fans
  • 5,000+ Instagram followers
  • 3,000+ newsletter subscribers
  • 3,700+ Pinterest followers
  • 1,700+ YouTube subscribers
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The bulk of my audience is male in the 25-35 age demographic, typically working professionals with disposable income for gear and information related to travel, specifically related to outdoor adventure travel activities like climbing, camping, backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, and so forth.

Readers regularly use this website for travel and adventure inspiration and who turn to my writing to purchase products, plan their travels, and even change their lives.

About Ryan

Since leaving his Washington D.C. desk job at the end of 2012, Ryan has road tripped across the American West, backpacked through Colombia, and drove across all of Central America from Seattle to Medellin.

2017 Adventures

Ryan and his girlfriend Andrea will be road tripping throughout all of South America, from Medellin to Patagonia, and are focused on working with brands and businesses that will fit that framework, either products related to camping, travel, and the outdoors, or hotels and agencies operating throughout South America.

Travels include Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile throughout the year.

Contact Ryan

I'm excited about the potential to work with you and improve your marketing strategy and reach. Send me an email at [email protected] with the details of your project and your goals, I will get back to you promptly about how we can work together to help you achieve that.

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Last Updated: March 2017