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Hey there! If you’re reading this page, YOU ROCK!

Any successful book launch is WHOLLY dependent on word of mouth. It’s like that tree falling in the woods and no one being around to hear it thing…

You all are my Very Important People that help make sure this tree falling is heard. Without you guys no one will read this book

Two big asks (that only take a second):

1. Share the Book

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Tweet: 26 Years Worth of Vacation? Reclaim your time and life… https://www.desktodirtbag.com/26years via @desktodirtbag


26 Years Worth of Vacation?

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2. Join the Launch Team

I created a private Facebook group around the launch–if you’re interested in helping get the word out and get the inside scoop about how everything unfolds during the launch (and after), please join the private group!

D2D Book Launch Team

Anything else? Shoot me an email at ryan@desktodirtbag.com