Budget Travel Resources

Looking to travel the world on a budget? After four years of continuous travel, I’ve learned a thing about what it takes to plan a trip and how to stretch your dollars as far as possible. These are some of my top budget travel resources, articles, tips, and tricks, to help fast track your own adventures based on my own hard-earned knowledge.

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Budget Travel Resources

Travel Finances and Preparation

This is the biggest obstacle to tackle when it comes to budget travel. Saving money for travel, cutting expenses, trying to figure out how much money you will need, and getting rid of belongings to set out.

Unless you are already financially well off, don’t skip these crucial budget travel resources and articles that will help you set yourself up financially for a trip or long-term travel.

Budget Travel Resources

Travel Gear

Quality travel gear will go a long way to helping your trip be more comfortable and enjoyable. I recommend spending what you can afford on a few pieces of high quality gear, rather than buying cheap things that will break, fail, or simply frustrate you during your travels.

Here is the gear I use and love for travel, including electronics, comfort items, and gear specific to trekking and hiking for those who love the outdoors.

Budget Travel Resources

Budget Travel Tips

Once you’ve overcome the financial hurdles and purchased the gear you need on your trip, the only thing left to do is set out. Unfortunately, this is where you can make or break a trip’s budget if you spend too much, too fast.

In this section we will address some budget travel tips and cover some the fundamental ways to travel cheaply (not just save nickels and dimes), how much it really costs to travel on the cheap, as well as some important travel tips about living this lifestyle.

Budget Travel Resources

Earning More Money

The “secret” to traveling indefinitely, if you want to call it that, is to build your travel fund, embrace budget travel, and lastly, earn money while traveling. There are a myriad of ways to do this, and I recommend you start this before you set out to travel because it will allow you to build your travel fund faster and will allow you to continue to earn while traveling.

The power of a side hustle or freelance work is impossible to dismiss. It is the reason why I have been able to travel as long as I have, not because I’m wealthy. Don’t miss the interactive calculator for a clearer idea.

Budget Travel Resources

Travel Blogging

Like I said, I’ve been at this long-term travel thing for a few years now, and part of my side hustle has been through this very travel blog. Making money shouldn’t be the main reason you start a blog, but it can be a nice side benefit.

Regardless, I think every traveler would be well served by starting a travel blogging. If anything, it serves as a way to keep you on track as you prepare to travel, makes for a fun project as you’re out there, allows friends and family to follow your adventures, and serves as a great reminder of what you experienced once the trip wraps up.

Budget Travel Resources

Travel Inspiration

Sometimes we could all use a little bit of inspiration to either inspire us to get out there and travel in the first place, or to remind us about why we’re out there traveling — because not every day is going to be ideal. Long-term travel has its ups and downs, like anything in life and it is much different from a vacation.

Check out this travel inspiration for some of the best books, inspiring trip ideas, and just general stuff to get you excited about living a life of travel and adventure.

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