Media Mentions, Podcasts, and Guest Posts

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I’ve had the fortune of being featured in a number of print, online publications, and podcasts over the years.

The following list includes interviews, guest posts, and other appearances.

U.S. News and World Report
May 17, 2019
Can You Combine Credit Card Accounts? (Related to Travel Hacking)

Conde Nast Traveler
February 1, 2019
I Lost My Job, Took a Solo Trip, and Never Returned to a Desk

Popular Mechanics
June 28, 2018
3 Alternatives to Camping

USA Today
January 21, 2018
The Best and Worst Places to Drive

Popular Mechanics
August 2, 2017
How to Turn Your Truck Into an RV

Advance Auto Parts
May 23, 2017
What You Need to Know to Start Truck Camping

Anna Everywhere
May 20, 2017
What To Expect From Living In Medellin Colombia

Nomadic Matt
May 15, 2017
Overland Travel: How Ryan Drove from Seattle to South America

S’more Outdoor Podcast
July 18, 2016

Zero to Travel Podcast
March 22, 2016

Travel Blog Success
October 5, 2015
Member of the Month: Ryan of Desk to Dirtbag

Abroad Podcast
August 31, 2015

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine
August 27, 2015
Desk Job to Dirt Bag

Go Backpacking
September 23, 2014
4 Things I Learned Road Tripping Around North America

Go See Write
August 22, 2014
5 Must-See Attractions in Medellin, Colombia

Paper Planes Blog
July 25, 2014
The Day-to-Day: Medellin, Colombia

Northern Virginia Magazine
May 6, 2014
Desk to Dirtbag: An Adventure Blog from a Former D.C. Desk Jockey

Section Hiker
May 31, 2012
Backpacking Duncan and Strickler Knob in Virginia’s Massanuttens