Countries I’ve Visited

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I only include countries I’ve visited where I have spent time on the streets, aka no counting airport layovers.

Despite all the time I’ve spent traveling, I haven’t traveled to a ton of countries, since I much prefer to immerse myself in a place, rather than just tick off lots of boxes. I will probably never be one of those people that has visited every country in the world, which is totally fine with me.

Countries I’ve Visited

Listed in the order in which I’ve visited them first, therefore countries I’ve visited more than once are not reflected here.

  1. United States – Practically My Whole Life
  2. Canada – Many Short Trips, Some Medium Trips
  3. Italy – 3 Months
  4. France
  5. Vatican City
  6. Mexico 3 Months and Multiple Trips
  7. United Kingdom
  8. United Arab Emirates
  9. Yemen6 Months
  10. Costa Rica – Multiple Trips
  11. ColombiaMany Years Now
  12. Belize
  13. Guatemala
  14. El Salvador
  15. Honduras
  16. Nicaragua
  17. Panama
  18. Ecuador2 Months
  19. Peru3 Months
  20. Bolivia2 Months
  21. Chile – 3 Months
  22. Argentina3 Months
  23. Kazakhstan

(Updated 2023)