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At the end of 2012 I left the traditional working world to set out on the road, exploring the great outdoors, and yes, work on the road freelancing and creating passive income. I created this site to inspire, and educate other would-be rat-race escapers…

Travel More. Spend Less. See the World.

I’m also the author of the #1 best-selling book Big Travel, Small Budget: How to Travel More, Spend Less, and See the World!


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The Story

At the end of 2012 I left my job working on the Hill for a senior member of Congress to pursue adventure, location independence, and more…

The Epic Dirtbag Adventure

After losing my job, I converted my pickup truck into a home on wheels and road tripped across the West, hiking, climbing, and mountaineering…

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Moving to Medellin, Colombia

I flew down to Cartagena with a buddy as we backpacked across Colombia for a few months, before I eventually settled down in Medellin…

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Road Trip: Central America

My girlfriend Andrea and I set out overlanding, driving from Seattle, Washington through all of Central America and on to Colombia…

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