How to Leave a Kindle Review

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Hope you enjoyed my book! If I could ask one huge favor, it would be that you leave a Kindle review on Amazon. Please be sure to leave an honest review of the book on It is immensely helpful.

1. Visit the Review Page

I’ve created a handy short link to take you there:

2. Sign in or Create an Account

You’ll need to sign in to your Amazon account or create an account in order to leave a review.


3. Write a Review

An honest review is appreciated! Click the stars and write a quick review… Remember you don’t need to write a lengthy or profound treatise, and you can always revise or expand upon your review later.



Here’s that link again:

4. Spread the Word

I’d love your help spread the word from the launch team page where I have included easy one-click shareable content for your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc)… and some other cool stuff.