10 Must Read Mountain Climbing Books

The 10 Best Mountain Climbing Books of All-Time

Alpinism and mountaineering have a great literary tradition among the adventure genre. At its core mountaineering is a simple but profound adventure, often with significant peril. But a great adventure does not necessarily make a great book, at least not without a great story teller. In this guest post from Andrew Szalay of the Suburban Mountaineer, he takes a look at the pinnacle of the climbing genre for this list of the top 10 Must Reads.

Overlanding the Americas by Motorcycle with Ben Slavin

Finding Adventure: Overland Travel Across the Americas by Motorcycle

In 2009 Ben Slavin embarked on an overland travel adventure by motorcycle heading as he drove south across the Americas… More than six months, 23,000 miles, and 15 countries later he arrived at the southernmost most city in the world, Ushuaia, Argentina. An amazing adventure through some truly amazing natural scenery with amazing historical sites and vibrant cultures. I met …