Sunset along the California Coast.

Photo Favorite – Sunset on the California Coast

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Sunset along the California Coast, Highway 1, north of San Francisco.

I finally returned to see salt water along the Pacific Ocean after spending the better part of the year, inland and in the mountains and deserts of the American Southwest.

I was thrilled to smell the salty air once again.

One of the most spectacular drives I have ever been on stretches north from San Francisco along Highway 1.

I spent a good few times driving along these windy roads and making my way back north.

Doing my best to find free (albeit not necessarily legally sanctioned) places to camp along these stretch of campgrounds that charge $40+ per night (seriously?).

I managed to do the whole coast without paying for a single night.

A beautiful drive, one that everyone should do at some point.

Photo shot on my Sony NEX-6.

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Photo Favorite – Sunset on the California Coast photography


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