Road Trip Central America – 6 Months, 8 Countries, 1 Epic Adventure

On June 29th, 2015, after two months, thousands of miles exploring the American West, and more than 17 National Parks, my girlfriend Andrea and I crossed the border into Tijuana to begin our road trip through Central America for an overlanding adventure the likes of which neither of us ever imagined.

Many thousands of miles and six months later we had driven through 8 countries and loaded my truck onto a container ship in Colon in order to pass the Darien Gap and arrive in Colombia.

We often hear all sorts of terrible things about crime and danger in Central America, particularly in Mexico.

But the reality is quite different…

I had the chance to chat with Jason of the Zero to Travel podcast about this once in a lifetime adventure. Give it a listen:

You can give it a listen through the embedded player below, give it a listen on iTunes, on Stitcher, or just download the episode directly.

Follow our overlanding adventures on our Road Trip through Central America:

Overlanding Mexico

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Road Trip Central America

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