Backpacking Duncan and Strickler Knob in Virginia’s Massanutten Mountains

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Check out the Duncan and Strickler Knob trip report I put together as a guest post on I’ve been following Philip’s blog for a few years now and it’s an honor to have a post featured on his site.

Be sure to click through to read about the Duncan and Strickler Knob trip and definitely follow his blog–it features great gear reviews, tips and tricks, and details about hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Trip Details

A few of us from DC UL Backpacking got together this weekend for the Wil Kohlbrenner Memorial Loop – 17.5 miles for the base loop / 19 miles overall with the out and backs to Duncan and Strickler Knob.

While the mileage of this trip is modest, it was among my favorite little overnight hikes in the D.C. area, a place where you could arrive quickly and head out for a pleasant weekend out in the woods.

For the most part, the loop is moderate, with well-marked trails and modest climbs (the exception being the incredibly steep Waterfall Mountain). 

The trail also features a number of great vistas throughout, but the highlights are undoubtedly Duncan Knob and Strickler Knob, both short out and back hikes that deviate from the main trail.

In either case, you can leave your pack hidden alongside the trail as you make your way over to the views, just take some water and a snack.

I loved to camp on the saddle below Duncan Knob — but there is no water access here, but you’ve got a nice place where you can scramble up to see the stunning sunset over the Massanutten Mountains.

Gear Details

Major items:



Duncan and Strickler Knob in Virginia's Massanutten Mountains

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Backpacking Duncan and Strickler Knob in Virginia's Massanutten Mountains virginia, trip-reports, backpacking


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