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Living in a Truck or How to Turn a Canopy into an RV

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If there is one thing in particular my website it is known for, it is for all the time I’ve spent living in a truck, along with my truck camping related tips, tricks, and builds. I was surprised to say the least when the folks at Popular Mechanics reached out to me about truck camping.

We had just pulled into Ibarra, Ecuador after driving across the border from Colombia with my trusty old truck when I hopped onto a phone call interview with a writer from Popular Mechanics.

While I’ve got a Skype based phone number, I still need a good internet connection, and this hotel wasn’t exactly it.

Despite the lousy connection and dropped calls, we were able to work through the informal interview about truck camping, and they turned it into an article for their September 2017 issue, titled “How to Turn Your Truck into an RV”.

The article is short and sweet, but it was incredible to be featured in this iconic publication which has been around for more than 100 years and has a circulation of more than 1 million subscribers!

I mean, I used to read Popular Mechanics when I was a kid, and here I am suddenly featured in its pages.

This wasn’t just an article for their online blog either, but an article featured in print! Hopefully I can get my hands on an issue some day, but it’s a little difficult all the way down here in South America.

Living in a Truck or How to Turn a Canopy into an RV

Please do check out the short truck camping article in Popular Mechanics

If you are looking for more truck camping tips and tricks, be sure to check out the numerous detailed articles that I’ve featured on my blog over the years.

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How to Turn Your Truck Into an RV via Popular Mechanics

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Living in a Truck or How to Turn a Canopy into an RV

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Living in a Truck or How to Turn a Canopy into an RV


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