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Truck Camping Videos – A Full Library of Truck Camping In Action

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As much as I’ve written about the subject of truck camping over the years, the written word usually only goes so far to explain my truck camping setup, how things work, and the pros and cons. The places where the written word fails to do justice can often best be supplemented by video, which is why I put together this comprehensive page of truck camping videos, where you can see everything I’ve filmed over the years in a one-page resource.

Truck Camping Videos - A Full Library of Truck Camping In Action

Within each of these truck camping videos, you will find details that aren’t always readily apparent in my articles, but below each I’ve also included links to further content for those of you who want to dig in a big further.

So without further ado, here is my full library of truck camping videos so you can better see all of the things I talk about in action.

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Choosing a Canopy

Choosing a canopy or topper for your truck camping setup might seem like a pretty straightforward thing, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are purchasing a topper and want to have the most comfortable setup for long-term truck camping living

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Two Main Approaches to Truck Camping

Although there are many different types of truck camping setups, ranging from roof-top tents, campers, bed tents, and more, the main thing I focus on here is truck canopy camping. Within the truck canopy camping niche, there are two primary approaches. Each of which has pros and cons.

This video is a run down on the main approaches and what you can expect with each.

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My Transformer Style Setup

This video details my first and original build… It’s my first truck camping video as well (yeah, yeah, ignore the music). It shows the main setup that I use, which is the exact same build I use today, the only difference is in some of the details about what I use inside, whether it is different boxes or curtains.

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How to Build a Truck Camping Setup

My transformer truck camping setup has always attracted a lot of interest over the years, so I put together a detailed video about how we actually went about building the truck camping setup, which should answer most lingering questions about how to do it yourself.

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Choosing a Mattress or Sleeping Pad

Once you’ve got the basic build, the main thing you aren’t going to want to ignore is your sleep setup. It’s important to get a good night’s rest, and truck camping is no exception to that.

Here are my thoughts, based on hundreds of nights truck camping, about what you should look for in a quality sleeping pad or truck camping mattress.

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Moving Platform to Upper Position

It can be tricky trying to explain how the transformer style approach actually works, especially once you’ve got it full of gear. So here is a video that shows how simple it is to move the platform from the lower position to the upper position, which is ideal for gear security or quick nights of urban stealth camping.

Moving Platform to Lower Position

The other end of the same question is how to move the platform into the lower position with all the gear below. Again, it’s not too complicated, but showing you how it is down is a lot easier than explaining it.

Truck Camping as a Couple

For the past few years, I’ve been truck camping with my girlfriend, although I built it with just myself in mind. Truck camping as a couple is obviously a little more cramped, but it’s totally doable. Our truck camping adventures have allowed us to drive the Pan-American Highway and save thousands of dollars on lodging in the process.

Want More?

Hope you’ve enjoyed the Desk to Dirtbag library of truck camping videos. If you want to see NEW truck camping videos addressing a specific topic, I’d love to hear your questions or ideas, feel free to leave a comment below or to shoot me a private email.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out my Truck Canopy Camping guide for further resources about the truck camping lifestyle or checkout my detailed guide to all my favorite truck camping gear.

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Truck Camping Videos - A Full Library of Truck Camping In Action


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