D2D Monthly Recap and Income Report: April 2017

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Monthly Income ReportHere’s the deal:

Time for another monthly recap and income report, where I share what’s new in the world of Desk to Dirtbag and offer a bit of transparency behind the blogging.

On to this month’s report…


Hanging out at Medellin’s Mercado del Rio – We loved it so much that we made a few visits to this giant warehouse full of incredible restaurants with all sorts of cuisine. It’s got food, desserts, wine bars, and even an open air lounge on the third floor. Medellin continues to surprise me with everything it has to offer here.

Meeting the Long Haul Trekkers Dave and Jen and their dog Sora just completed bicycling from the southern tip of South America all the way to Medellin. We happened to connect somewhat randomly and got together to swap stories and insights over beers at Medellin’s Stereo Bar.

Definitely go check these guys out, if you think a road trip through Latin America is cool, imagine doing it by bicycle!

April 2017 Monthly Recap and Income Report


Moving out of our apartment in Medellin – The worse part about long-term travel is the transition from sedentary to moving, which means downsizing your belongings and packing things up. I don’t own a lot of things, really, just the basics for an apartment, but it’s ALWAYS tough packing things up and getting ready to go again.

But the worst part is behind us now, and we’ve got the open road to look forward to…

Most Popular Article of the Month

Don’t Drive through Mexico or Central America: You Will be Kidnapped, Killed, or Worse!

This article went sort of viral one more than one occasion over the month and got thousands of visits within days of publication, which almost never happens right at once.

It’s an article that tries to take a realistic and balanced view on the safety and security of Mexico and Central America.

April 2017 Monthly Recap and Income Report

Other Articles

April was my most productive month of blogging in the history of this site, I think, with 12 new blog posts (three per week!) over the month. This was after two months of zero new blog posts on this site.

And all that happened within the month where I was crazy busy and moving out of my apartment — I’m not sure how I managed that.

I’m planning on ramping up my content creation substantially in the coming months, and hoping I can break through my previous monthly traffic limits which have been holding steady at about 35k per month, though my current record is 50k back in May 2016.

Most Popular Instagram Photo

This throwback shot of the crashing waves and sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in Central America was my most liked post on IG for the month.

April 2017 Monthly Recap and Income Report

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April 2017 Income Report

-$412.66 – Amazon Affiliate Sales
-$109.76 – Big Travel, Small Budget book sales
-$20.06 – YouTube Videos

TOTAL = $542.48
GOAL = $1,200 per month
45% of goal covered

April saw a 10% decline compared to March. While Amazon sales held steady and sales of Big Travel, Small Budget picked up, I saw dips in my other sources of income which meant less overall.

April 2017 Monthly Recap and Income Report

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  1. Hi Ryan –

    LOVE seeing people that are out there and doing this! When my son finally graduates I’m planning a 1 year sojourn and will see from there.

    You can get where you want to do for income, I’m sure of it. Some bigger affiliate ads might work well on your site. Just a thought…

    1. Post

      Thanks for the support Bobbi, I appreciate it. Yeah might need to experiment more with my affiliate ads to try and up the earnings a bit. Awesome to hear you’ve got some travels planned following your son’s graduation!

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