A Video of One Year of My Life – 1 Second Everyday

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An experiment in taking a one second video every day with the app, appropriately named, 1 Second Everyday.

I first learned of the 1 Second Everyday app at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon when Cesar Kuriyama gave a presentation about its development and his reason for creating it. He developed it because he worried that he wouldn’t be able to remember a particularly pivotal year in his life another 10 years from now.

You can view Cesar’s original video here; it is an erratic, random, and somewhat hard to follow video. But one that grabbed my attention nonetheless. Unfortunately, at that time the 1 Second Everyday app was not available on Android, but has recently become available.

This is my own experiment in chronicling another year of memorable adventures, I only wish it was available on Android last year for my Dirtbag Adventure. If anything the 1 Second Everyday app reminds me to make every day special and worth remembering.

This video may or may not be of interest to many of my readers, but it is an experiment for myself primarily. It takes me from my hometown with family to the beginning of my adventures in South America. Perhaps you will take a look at the app and try it out for yourself.

The app 1 Second Everyday is available for both Apple and Android platforms. The 30-day demo is free, but the full 30+ day version goes for 99 cents.

1 Second Everyday for a Year

Below is a little context behind each second of my 1 Second Everyday, if you’re curious.

Day 1: Driving back to Bremerton, WA (my hometown)

Day 2: Visiting my Grandma and Dad

Day 3: Cat attacking my Mom

Day 4: Packing for South America

Day 5: Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs

Day 6: All packed for South America

Day 7: Boarding the flight to New York

Day 8: Traveling to Colombia!

Day 9: The Old City of Cartagena

Day 10: Taking the bus to Santa Marta

Day 11: Hammock in Santa Marta

Day 12: The waterfront in Santa Marta

Day 13: Seahawks NFC Championship in Spanish

Day 14: Spanish classes

Day 15: Spanish classes

Day 16: My other Grandma’s obituary 🙁

Day 17: Jeff and I shopping at Exito

Day 18: Jeff and I doing shots to celebrate the end of Spanish class/our time in Santa Marta

Day 19: Sunset from Casa Loma in Minca

Day 20: Hammock at Casa Loma

Day 21: Pozo Azul hike in Minca

Day 22: Bus to Palomino

Day 23: Scorpion hiding under a pack in Palomino

Day 24: Tubing the Rio Palomino

Day 25: Waiting for the bus in Santa Marta

Day 26: Playing Tejo (throwing rocks at explosives) in Bucaramanga

Day 27: Seahawks winning the Super Bowl (!!!) from Bucaramanga

Day 28: Going to see Inside Llewyn Davis in Bucaramanga to kill time before the next bus

Day 29: Bus to the town of Cocuy

Day 30: Riding in the back of a milk truck to Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

Day 31: Alpine lake in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park

Day 32: View of Pan de Azucar from the moraine

Day 33: Scenery around Cocuy National Park

Day 34: Taking the bus out of Cocuy and on to Tunja & San Gil

Day 35: The streets of San Gil and the church on the main plaza

Day 36: Jeff milking a goat at our WWOOF farm outside of San Gil (where we spent two weeks)

Day 37: Lucho the farm dog

Day 38: Splitting Guadua with a hatchet and hammer

Day 39: A wasp next on the farm

Day 40: Mixing concrete to put up the sign for the La Pacha Hostel

Day 41: The juke box castle at the local tienda, playing Marco Antonio Solis

Day 42: A new stone staircase we built for the farm

Day 43: Izzy, the baby goat, sticking her head through our dorm window.

Day 44: The set of lockers we built for the hostel

Day 45: The view over the farm at sunset

Day 46: Randomly encountered Macklemore being played down in town on our way to eat some delicious carne oreada (steak)

Day 47: Splitting a hose we couldn’t turn off to run to the solar shower

Day 48: Solar shower that we built finally functioning

Day 49: Watching True Detective in the back of an old bus on the farm

Day 50: Paragliding just outside of San Gil and coming in for a landing

Day 51: Rio Fonce in San Gil, which we river boarded the day before as well.

Day 52: Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota with loads of pigeons

Day 53: View of Montserrate from within the Botero Museum in Bogota

Day 54: The streets of Bogota with ominous clouds looming above

Day 55: The sprawling expanse of Bogota from high above at Montserrate

Day 56: Volunteering for Los Tecnicos in Choachi where we were building houses out of recycled materials.

Day 57: Putting up the rebar and mesh on one of the houses

Day 58: More rebar and mesh above the houses built with tires

Day 59: Cramming garbage into plastic bottles which they use as bricks

Day 60: Packing dirt into tires to build the wall of yet another structure.

Day 61: Massive meat plate with potatoes, plantains, etc. on my last day volunteering abroad in Choachi.

Day 62: The view from my new apartment rental in Medellin.

Day 63: Studying Spanish in Medellin with a teacher once again. 1:1 lessons.

Day 64: View from my apartment rooftop and the awesome pool across the street.

Day 65: Doing my Spanish homework at breakfast before class.

Day 66: Going to the pool and trying to become a better swimmer (I’m terrible, I prefer my water frozen)

Day 67: Successfully ordered Domino’s delivery all in Spanish. One of the harder things I’ve had to do in a foreign language.

Day 68: Evening in Medellin.

Day 69: Rainy days looking out the kitchen window.

Day 70: St. Patty’s Day at a stereotypical (and touristy) Irish pub in Medellin.

Day 71: More Spanish studying with a new book.

Day 72: Basqoe, the mascot of our building, both the apartment and restaurant…

Day 73: Going down a slide at Pueblito Paisa, a small hill viewpoint in the middle of the city. Take stairs up, and take a couple slides back down!

Day 74: Taking the Metrocable up to one of the comunas for a great view of the city. It is also part of Medellin’s subway infrastructure.

Day 75: Parque Lleras, one of the most upscale and posh parts of Medellin. Also the center of nightlife.

Day 76: El Castillo, a strange European style castle with manicured gardens on the edge of town.

Day 77: Up in Guatape, looking over the lake to La Piedra del Penon. A huge granite monolith.

Day 78: Taking a tuk tuk or chiva to La Piedra to climb the 700+ stairs to the top.

Day 79: A rainy evening in Guatape with the flood of the soccer field lights.

Day 80: Out on a boat tour of the reservoir. You can see the bombed out ruins of one of Pablo Escobar’s houses, and learn about the history of the village that was flooded with the dam.

Day 81: A weird lava lamp in my room at a new place in Medellin.

Day 82: The madness of an Atletico Nacional (Medellin) versus Santa Fe (Bogota) soccer game.

Day 83: The Barefoot Zen park is quite popular with the kids. It has some amazing water features.

Day 84: One of the numerous iguanas roaming the Botanical Gardens of Medellin.

Day 85: My buddy Jeff, along with his girlfriend Chelsea, heading out in a taxi, back to the US. Traveling solo now!

Day 86: On the awesome Real City Free Walking Tour of the Medellin Centro. A must do here in Medellin!

Day 87: More rainy days. From the terrace at my room rental.

Day 88: Medellin.

Day 89: Walking along the Quebrada La Picacha.

Day 90: Almuerzo Ejecutivo (or Comida Corriente). A cheap, filling, fixed plate lunch that is the norm here.

Day 91: Hammock time in the Palm Tree Hostel in Medellin, Colombia

Day 92: Took my first ever motorcycle class at AutoSur in Envigado

Day 93: Little lizard in the hostel patio

Day 94: Back at the Escuela de Conduccion for my second motorcycle class

Day 95: At the Colombian Migration office to renew my visa for another three months (it was terrible, took four hours)

Day 96: Rainy season has arrived in Colombia

Day 97: Cat on a lap in hammock up in Amaga, a nearby pueblo

Day 98: The town square in Amaga

Day 99: The garden at Paola’s Eco Hostel in Amaga, a cool permaculture and vegetarian place.

Day 100: The serene countryside and farm land of Amaga

Day 101: Glass dome at the Unicentro Mall in Medellin

Day 102: Metro cable ride up to Parque Arvi for a weekend in Santa Elena.

Day 103: Hiking through the forest in Santa Elena

Day 104: More cows in Santa Elena

Day 105: Going through photos on my laptop

Day 106: Breakfast in Colombia: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions, an arepa with a chunk of cheese, and a small cup of instant coffee

Day 107: Wearing the Atletico Nacional jersey on the way to watch a game

Day 108: Found a coffee shop that actually serves AeroPress coffee! La Sala was awesome, but recently closed. 🙁

Day 109: Finally watching House of Cards, after a million people asked what I thought (since I used to work in DC politics)

Day 110: The aquarium at Parque Explora, a neat museum with all sorts of different exhibits on different subjects.

Day 111: Messing around at my (temporary) apartment rental… With a hammock!

Day 112: The shimmering city lights of Medellin from a hilltop vista known as Las Palmas.

Day 113: Cooking in my apartment kitchen. So domestic!

Day 114: Studying Spanish and drinking coffee. My tradition. My daily routine.

Day 115: Atletico Nacional winning an important match in the Copa Libertadores. On to the next round of the tournament!

Day 116: Studying Spanish with Duolingo — a great (and free) app and website and one of my top resources for studying Spanish.

Day 117: Lasagna in Envigado

Day 118: The old bridge over the Rio Cauca up in Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Day 119: My kitchen… Breakfast.

Day 120: Nightlife along Setenta… On a Tuesday night.

Day 121: Opening the door to my apartment rental in Medellin.

Day 122: The Tres Cordilleras Brewery in town. An awesome, independent brewery.

Day 123: Outside of El Proveedor, a small bar owned by a friend.

Day 124: View from the balcony in Envigado of Polideportivo Sur, a great sports complex for the community.

Day 125: Watching Atletico Nacional, the local soccer team, at La Esquina del Sabor in my neighborhood

Day 126: El Proveedor again…

Day 127: Cafe Revolucion, a new neighborhood cafe, owned by some gringos. One of the best places for coffee in Medellin.

Day 128: Searching for apartment rentals on my laptop.

Day 129: Yigal working behind the bar at El Proveedor.

Day 130: Viewing an apartment near Aguacatala in the center of town, more or less.

Day 131: Out dancing at Blue in Poblado

Day 132: The little theme park in the center of El Tesoro, one of the fanciest and biggest malls I’ve ever been to.

Day 133: Cafe Vallejo, another quaint little neighborhood cafe. Despite being a major coffee producer, Colombia is new to the whole coffee culture and scene.

Day 134: Taxi passing down my street at night.

Day 135: Atletico Nacional winning the Liga Postabon, the Colombian championship, at the last minute, as they are prone to do.

Day 136: Surfing Facebook and being bored.

Day 137: Out for beers at a Rock ‘n Roll bar in Poblado.

Day 138: Andrea not wanting to be recorded.

Day 139: Presidential Election Day in Colombia! Hanging out outside one of the voting locations.

Day 140: A friendly dog named Ramses running around El Proveedor.

Day 141: Red velvet cake and a some iced coffee drinks at Pergamino, another cafe but this one in Poblado.

Day 142: MedellinEnglish.com — my new attempt at starting an English tutoring service in town to make some extra money.

Day 143: The Medellin metro system… So nice to have modern transportation.

Day 144: Piccolo pizza, the most delicious pizza I’ve had in Colombia, for sure.

Day 145: Riding in the back of a Jeep down in a bumpy dirt road to the hot springs in Santa Rosa de Cabal.

Day 146: An awesome waterfall and stream adjacent to the hot springs in Santa Rosa de Cabal

Day 147: Heading back down that bumpy dirt road back to civilization.

Day 148: Chuzo de Pollo–a delicious shish kebab style chicken with potatoes and an arepa.

Day 149: Signing on as a contributor with MedellinLiving.com

Day 150: Ramses the friendly pub dog at El Proveedor.

Day 151: Yet another rainy day–the church in Parque Poblado

Day 152: The strange hot dogs of Colombia with really stringy cheese, a coleslaw like thing, and crunchy potato bits.

Day 153: Meat and cheese platter with espresso at Cafe Otraparte.

Day 154: The streets of Colombia at night.

Day 155: Out with Andrea at Paris Paris, a nice French restaurant in the neighborhood of Laureles.

Day 156: A huge bicycle rally in Medellin in Laureles.

Day 157: Getting my gringo hamburger fix at El Corral.

Day 158: Out at Ottotaco in Poblado, the best little street tacos I’ve been able to find.

Day 159: Colombia scoring a goal in their World Cup match against Greece.

Day 160: Behind the wheels of a car in Colombia…

Day 161: A view of the hills around Envigado from the balcony.

Day 162: Frisnacks — an ingenious drink/fry/chicken combo that you can carry with one hand!

Day 163: The pool at Andrea’s apartment.

Day 164: Colombia’s next game against the Ivory Coast at the World Cup.

Day 165: The most authentic nachos I’ve had yet in Colombia from Senor Burrito in Envigado.

Day 166: World Cup mania is palpable in Colombia.

Day 167: A giant children’s ball pit in the courtyard of the Santa Fe Mall.

Day 168: My mess of electronics junk.

Day 169: Colombia scores a huge goal against Japan in the World Cup.

Day 170: A torrential downpour at the Barefoot Park after my visit to the Water Museum.

Day 171: The crowds aren’t nearly as excited for the USA World Cup games.

Day 172: Messing around with my phone.

Day 173: The after-party in Parque Lleras after Colombia’s victory against Uruguay. Foam, fun, dancing, and singing.

Day 174: Out for a movie night at Cine Colombia in Los Molinos Mall.

Day 175: Super creepy chicken people running around the new Frisby’s on Nutibara Avenue.

Day 176: Another sleepy crowd for the USA World Cup game.

Day 177: I found a little lizard in my bedroom closet.

Day 178: Laundry hanging out to dry, and a professionally cleaned house.

Day 179: The kitchen staff and fans cheering on Colombia against Brazil.

Day 180: Waiting for my Mom to arrive for a visit to Medellin…

Beyond… I haven’t written up the context and the app began to fail and distort my videos around this time, which kind of killed my motivation to use the app 1 Second Everyday.

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